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My Favorite Delena Moments

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It's amazing how we get so attached to our favourite shows. I for one most definitely do. It's almost as if we dread that time of the year when season finales are around the corner, crying our eyes out over a sad ending(if you're the type to let it all out) or bottle it up trying not to thinking about the death of your favourite character on one of your most cherished series. And after a period of this weird mourning behind the tv screens or this Idiot-Box-Fictophilia(if you may) we eagerly look forward to the next season!

Well one of my favourite on-screen pairs bid adieu and it got me really sad. Yes, I and the legions of Damon and Elena shippers were truly disheartened with the Season 6 finale because it led to their end. Then it got me thinking of all the times when I fell in love with them and why. All the scenes and coincidences that obviously NEVER happen in real life - no they belong to the very distant utopian world of entertainment. They happen because of good direction and hooking-you-for-life story lines.

I don't generally prefer writing listicles but sometimes they break things down so very well.

So here are my favourite Delena scenes from The Vampire Diaries.

The Meet Cute
The first time Damon and Elena meet! Hot mysterious stranger who is also a dangerous vampire flirting with you in the middle of nowhere! Okay, not if you put it like that but here's a hot guy telling you that you need "passion, adventure and even a little danger" in your life. It was almost as if he could look into her soul at that moment.

The Secret Admirer in the Night
Most people would be creeped out by a blood thirsty vampire sneaking into your room at nights after he got 'invited'. But no, not me. Yes I would love it if a sexy vampire kept his watchful eyes on me after I go beddy-byes.

The Saving Elena From The Crash Scene
When Elena gets herself involved in one of many accidents during her time on the show, Damon comes to her rescue. Yes the romantic notion of being saved is just so well.. romantic.

The Drool Scene
When Elena wakes up one morning to find Damon right next to her watching her drooling in her sleep(for God knows how long) and him teasing her about it - CUTE!

The First Dance
Ever wondered how every important milestone in Damon and Elena's relationship is always underlined with a dance? This was the one of the first dances on the series that have a dashing Damon(all suited up) and a nervous Elena in a very hot no-touching-only-eye-contact dance routine.

The Get in Your Car Scene
Imagine a hot guy telling you these exact words:
"Listen carefully. Get in your car. Right now. Come to me."

The Motel Stakeout Scene
How Delena fans all over the world cheered over this very hot make out sesh before 'damaged goods' Jeremy had to pop up and spoil the scene. And the Florence and the Machine song playing in the background only added to it.

The Kiss(es)
Each kiss was special. It really was. Because it was like the end of the world. Even if it was the first kiss on the porch in season 1 where we think its Elena but it is Katherine and then again a kiss on the porch with the real Elena. Scorching!

The Damon Wolf Bite Scene
When Damon gets bitten by a werewolf and starts to slip away, Elena is by his side nursing him and trying to comfort him. Priceless.

After waiting for 3 and a half seasons when Damon and Elena FINALLY make love I think the angels above literally started singing at their union. And Delena fans rejoiced by watching it again and again exclaiming, "Oh my God! They did it! They finally did IT!"

The Hot Damon Dance Scene (Close to you)
I never thought that one could dirty dance to EDM. Well, Damon and Elena show you how in this one. While Stefan wants Elena to control her thirst when she becomes a new vampire, Damon wants her to embrace her vampirism and take a walk on the wild side!

The Damon Trapped in Another World Scene
Damon gets trapped in the other world/prison world leaving a very distraught and wailing Elena back in the real world. I cried, people. This brought on some pretty heavy waterworks.

The Drug-Induced Damon Memory Scenes
In order to cope with his absence, Elena starts taking certain drugs that make Damon come alive, if only in her head, for a little while. It was sad but she was happy.

The Dance
Oh this was epic! There were swirls and lifts, finesse and fine music, his crisp suit and her beautiful gown. Yes, just before Kai makes an entrance and screws everything up, just before all the bloodshed - Damon resolves to become a human being again and live a normal life with Elena because he loves her too much. Total tear jerker, this one! What a way to say good bye! Or not.