Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Master of the universes,
Creator of life,
Annihilator of existences,
Dominator of Time,
Me, one-tenth of a speck,
Part of a particle…

So much to hold, so much to look after,
So many to support, so many to sustain,
Life and death and the food chain,
Good and bad, karma and payback,
Vice and virtue, offense and defense,
So much to rectify, so much to begin…

The leaves that fall, all at Your Will,
The flowers that germinates, awaiting Your Command,
The birds that sing, the creatures that cackle,
The mountains and trees, the valleys and spring,
The streams and brooks, the glaciers that melt,
So much to beautify, so much to begin…

The courses of Nature, the discourse of beings,
The families that break, the ties that bind,
The bonds that don’t break, others that don’t stand the test of time,
The love and the hatred, the unifications and separations,
The greetings and receptions, the goodbyes and farewell,
So much to oversee, so much to begin…

The storms and eruptions, the thunder and rain,
The lives lost, the endless pain,
The war and famine, starvation and infanticide,
The blood and hunger, the greed and lust to survive,
The diseases and plagues, the countries that disintegrate,
So much to look after, so much to take in…

Maybe I’m forgotten, elapsed into oblivion,
Someplace far-flung, the abyss of discount,
From where I’m unheard and unseen,
Living with false hope, under stagnant ashen clouds,
Me, one-tenth of a speck,
Part of a particle…


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