Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Wanderer
Just a little while I promise I’ll stay,
Let me catch my breath, let it grow steady,
I won’t cause any more pain to you,
All I ask for is a moment or two,
I keep running, that’s all I know,
From things I can’t speak about,
From things I hide from you,
Sometimes life is such a torment,
With a fake countenance on display,
So I long to run into someone,
And forget my anguish for a minute or two,
I want to lose myself in you,
This is just an obsession, a cycle that repeats,
When I’m done with you, I promise to leave,
Till I find something else to fascinate me,
Keep me occupied, away from him and all things vile,
I laugh with the day and make merry till it dies,
They think, oh, she’s like the sun, always on fire,
I’ve placed all my sentiments on the pyre,
Ignorance and ego, we go hand in hand,
But I’m not all wrong; no,
I’ve got some things in me you wish you had,
But you can’t see them, try as you may,
The world is devoid of patience and time is slipping away,
So I keep drifting to unknown faces,
Taking in sights and surreal places,
I’m a wanderer in this age,
Searching for something I know I’ll never find,
But I don’t want to understand,
Now my heartbeat’s uniform, my head feels a bit secure,
I must go; my jaded spirit’s quenched for now,
My unstable soul needs to leave,
And pursue some other avenue,
Don’t judge me, don’t you dare,
Everyone’s got their evils to share,
All your mighty words and your deceptive eyes,
A poor smokescreen.


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