Sunday, 19 October 2014

All of you...

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"The winter is coming and I am off to where I come from but not before I say this to you. I came here looking forward to doing my work and getting the hell out of dodge but I can't say that that's all I did. Because I didn't. I couldn't. The brief time that I have known you has had a profound impact on my otherwise banal existence. Life has never been that kind to me to give me things unasked. It was always a struggle. It was because of this reason - precisely this reason that when I had the pleasure of knowing you( whatever little yet magnitudinal way I have surmised you) I thought that it was something akin to a Satan in a Sunday hat. That there was something to it. And if I gave myself in, if I budged, I would fall and hurt myself. Seriously. Because there's no way I could have ever come across someone like you and not think that it was a mirage. I have been going out of my mind trying to come up with some sane logic that would come to my rescue but I failed. 

And today I say what I should've long ago: 
I love you. 

Many people would tell you that you are pretty or that you put the Heavens to shame with your beauty or quote the choicest of poets as they profess their feelings to you. But you are so much more than that. It is true that every minute I was with you, I thought of myself as the luckiest man to have ever walked this Earth - your presence made me so happy. It is also true that every time I was away from you - as I walk away from you now - each concerned beat of my earnest heart misses you. 

I want to be there for you when there's a frown on your face. Whenever you're down and low, whenever you feel like crawling inside a box and never coming out. The colours that tint your myriad expressions, the hand that does away with that strand of stray hair from your face, the shoulder you can be rest assured against in times of dismay, the gaze that would put all those thoughts of worry in your mind to rest, that whiff of positivity that would turn all your doubts to puffs of smoke, the breeze that moves with you day in day out. I want to be your silhouette. That ray of silly hope when you have your head in your hands and you're exasperated. That hint of a smile metamorphosing into laughter. Every impatient bat of lash. Every breath. Every touch. That part of you that I see. That hidden part of your conscious that I am unaware of. Your darkness and your despair. Your light and your air. You. All of you. Because I love you..." 

She stood there reading his flawless script again and again. Several minutes passed. Some people just hit you. All your five senses. This was one of those moments. 

She folded the letter placing it in her pocket and ran with all her might all the way to where he would be. 

"Looks like she has a train to catch," an onlooker said out loud as she raced the streets. 


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