Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Eyes That Dream...

Those eyes, I swear!
Those treacherous eyes!
That lead to this train of events, 
A fruitless search for a measure to save or prevent, 
The one guilty of nothing,
Yet caught under the jurisdiction of everything.

Those eyes! Traitors!
Responsible for this horrible crime! 
Crept in silently, unnoticed, 
With tact and stealth, they committed, 
The unpardonable offence of dreaming, 
Giving wings of capability to incapable envisioning.

Those eyes! 
Are the ones who betrayed!
Hiding there, waiting, 
Preying on vulnerability, conspiring, 
And once the blinds closed,
The impending deluge of hope reckoned.

Those eyes! 
Those disloyal eyes!
Go on deceiving and conniving, 
This painful cycle of yearning and desiring, 
The heart doesn't comprehend wants and means, 
Against the crumbling walls of uncertainty it leans.

 Those eyes! 
Those ruinous eyes! 
The mirage seems closer to home, 
Costing more than one can fathom,
To dream is a gamble too exorbitant,
Shards of the piercing truth, their remnant...


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