Thursday, 8 March 2012

Rules For Happiness

‘Rules for Happiness:
“Something to do,
 Someone to love,
 Something to hope for…” – Immanuel Kant’

              I came across this quote a few days ago & I really liked it. It’s so simple and easy to understand, but these lines speak volumes. I try to follow it (have been following them my whole life) as far as possible. I was never one of those people who always got what they wanted on tap. I am not being ungrateful when I say this but I kind of wish that I was like those people, you know, who get what they want just by saying it. That not being the case, I learnt to live with it. Like animals adapt to their surroundings and available resources. Always cautious what or who I liked and wanted, which were affordable (emotionally) or which were more feasible to achieve and never and I mean NEVER expect anything from anyone, even me, but I am still learning to follow that last part about expectations.
              So when I read these lines I really felt as if they described me, like I am, most of the time. There are a whole bunch of things that are wrong and unfair in my life. Ant the words, “problems” or “difficulties” opens up a Pandora’s Box. But I try to avoid dwelling on them as far as possible. I don’t like thinking about them, it makes me sad so I try to find reasons or rather make excuses to be happy.
Something to Do:
Little things that cheer me up, I’m glad that I have that quality in me, just like my mom, to find ways to be happy. Like bird-watching, standing at the window and gazing at the fresh green of the new leaves, just because it’s so soothing, looking at the blue sky, savoring it with my eyes, smiling and actually greeting the cats in my apartment building, cracking a silly joke or passing a funny remark when with friends, clicking pictures, LOTS of pictures, of random things, of food, of the moon, of the sun’s rays filtering through the giant almond tree in my lane, of all other things, reminiscing about the days gone by, but only the good parts.
Someone to Love:
Yeah I loved someone, still do, even though he’s not mine and he’s changed in ways I never could have imagined, but I love him alright. I’m not sloppy or an emotional fool but I can’t force myself to stop loving him. Those who have gone through the pain of unrequited love will agree with me on this. It’s just the way it is, I tried but he’s everywhere. I don’t even remember how old I was when I started falling for him and with time these feelings just intensified and I think they’ll be with me till my last breath.
Something to Hope For:
I said earlier I’m a little weak and still a newbie when it comes to handling or rather avoiding hopes and expectations. I’ve tried a million times to NOT keep hoping or expecting things from others and me but to no avail. I keep that things as they are now will change. Things will get better for me and my family. Old relationships that are severed and lost will heal again. And I never say this out loud, but I secretly hope that I’ll find someone in my life that I love and who love me back the same way, someone who I can wrap my arms around, someone whose all mine, someone who will understand me, someone who will want me…
                So I follow all the three rules of happiness, am I happy? Well, I’m on the way of happiness…


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