Friday, 17 January 2014

Feline Fantasy

The following post is an imagined rumination from a cat's POV.

"Do u speak Cat? Because I do. Me? I'm a no-name slob. The fur ball in Breakfast At Tiffany's was a part of a long line of cousins and I'm spreading my paw prints all over this blog for now. As I'm perched here I mull over the age-old debate about cats vs. dogs. Let me tell you it's a myth. Okay, so we're not the thickest of buddies but we're also not genetically induced to hate each other either. This was some story concocted by these humans. That is what they do. They get bored and are never content with anything so they propound baseless theories & make even more ridiculous movies about them. Human beings just can't handle the fact that we're different than dogs. They like animals that they can train, command and control. They want someone who will obey them. Behave as they please. Just because we have a mind of our own, we're deemed as selfish? Our inability to conform and submit doesn't earn us extra brownie points.
I ask all dog lovers, how & why do you on one hand call them 'A Man's Best Friend' and on the other hand reduce that same being to the status of a slang or an expletive? Isn't that selfish? 
But we're all real cool cucumbers actually. We know how to handle things alright. Only when things get a tad too much, do we ever resort to a 'Cat Fight' (pun intended). Oh and we ALL love Halle Berry..." ;)

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Anonymous said...

Tickled the funny bone for sure!

The Wanderer said...

Thank you! :)

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