Thursday, 23 January 2014


Another day of dejection,
Another night wrought with desperation,
Staring in the vacant eyes of gloom,
Reminiscing days when they were in full bloom,
A heart riddled with melancholy,
Too strong to drown in self-pity,
A brave countenance to fight the dispiritedness,
Underneath lies the poison of distress,
The hands of time they go on ticking,
The epidemic of desolation fast approaching,
As far as the eyes dare to wander,
Blinding nothingness greeting further,
Silent sobs unheard in this pandemonium,
Misery achingly inching towards pessimism,
Empty beds, reeking of scents long gone,
Devoid of warmth they're cold & forlorn,
Every corner of the house breeds its own ghosts,
Every nook a memorial guarded by different woes,
Lapping upon the soul's shore, a constant question,
Asking for this agony to end, begging for cessation,
That familiar weeping sting to indefinitely remain,
Laying the weary head to rest only to begin again...


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