Friday, 18 July 2014

Arabian Nights

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It was 5 pm in the land of Mango People. The hands of the clock kept ticking as slowly as ever.

A tired and lonesome me looked up at the bottom right corner of my computer for the nth time as the hours dragged. My eyes drooped as it dawned upon me that there was still an hour left for my day to end at work.

I need a vacation. A holiday. A day where I could just pack my bags and leave to go to a place that I want to go. Away from the burden of deadlines, the tensions of bills to be paid, the stresses of everyday life. All things mundane. All things meh…

My eyes alighted on the desk calendar. Looking at the mirage of numbers that represented the days of the month, I tried to remember when was the last time I had some time to myself?

Answer: Zilch.
Not in a million years.

A sigh escaped my lips. I wanted to get away from it all for once. To not be on the receiving end. I wanted to be pampered. To indulge. Hell, even over indulge a bit. To be spoilt. To be treated like a princess. With my own castle.

Every girl dreams to be regarded as one. To have someone cater to your every whim. To be able to forget your worries and just breathe. Relax. I think I deserve it.

Whenever I think of castles and dreamlands, my head envisages the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Is it possible to fall in love with a place? In this case it is. The land of sand dunes, sunset, Arabian nights, luxury and opulence.

An iconic landmark of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace, a castle much of which is made of marble and gold – yes! Gold, boasts of landscaped gardens, a private pristine white sandy beach, rooms that make you feel as if you’re a part of your own fairytale, amenities that make you feel like royalty.

As if an answer to my yet to be uttered wish, a pop up from Skyscanner appeared on my computer screen. It tempted me like the magic lamp tempted Aladdin.

I clicked on it and woke up from the daze I was in as I realized I was being given the chance to pick a dream destination of my choice and fly away and hold your breath… with a budget of Rs.1 Lakh!

From there it was a smooth sail journey.

I was refreshingly surprised at the resourcefulness and ease with which Skyscanner helped me out. 

All I had to do was select the place and I was on my way to Abu Dhabi!

It all happened so fast.

I picked the weekend around my birthday to treat myself and my sister and booked a flight for the two of us.

Just a click here and a click there and I had booked myself a car and a Diamond Double Room at the Emirates Palace! 

Did I mention it came with a sea view? 

Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend!

When it came the car concerns, they too were handled superbly by SkyScanner - it proved to be one stop shop for all my travel needs! 

 That's it! The coming hours can only be defined as the epitome of bliss.

A breezy airplane ride and we landed in a different time zone. We couldn’t contain our emotions as we saw the grand structure standing majestically as we made our way down the long road towards the Emirates Palace.

Oh and one more thing, the entire Palace has the fastest high speed Wi-Fi! Cheers to that!

On arriving, we were greeted with a flower bouquet by some of the most polite and helpful staff who helped us get settled. They welcomed us with such warmth and helped us in every way, from unpacking our luggage to advice on local customs and traditions. They knew all about the must see places and where to buy the perfect gift, and were always willing to assist.

Our rooms were spectacular! Something right out of a book or a movie. A large comfy bed, the bathroom – Oh God! Such a spacious bathroom and a balcony that offered a picturesque vision of the sea. The softest of pillows accompanied by the lullaby of the waves lulled us to sleep. It was the most peaceful sleep we ever had.

We had planned to do as much fun things as possible so we started the next day a bit early with the complimentary breakfast which was very good with nice selections.  

Though an adrenaline charged session of ‘Dune Bashing,’ in which you drive over sand dunes in an SUV at high speeds, was not possible due to time constraints we made sure that we indulged in some very important, never-to-be-missed, traditional camel rides.

So, first stop: Free camel ride at the beach. It felt as if we had travelled to someplace surreal. The rising sun colored the blue waters a sparkling hue as we strolled along the shore. The salty air combined with the panoramic view of the Arabian Sea took our breath away. It was perfect. It was our little piece of heaven on Earth.

Next on our list: Kayaking and Snorkeling! And it was free! We spent a while getting the hang of the snorkel and learning to float on the surface of the water and getting instructions before diving in. Once inside the water, everything just stopped! The sounds of our own breathing only amplified the calm that is under the forever moving sea. Simply floating around and observing the vibrant variety of marine and coral life and engrossed in the underwater scenery provided an escape from our everyday life.

Wouldn’t a trip for two girls be incomplete if there was no shopping? To keep that situation in check, we drove to the Marina Mall and spent the amount Skyscanner had left in our kitty.The mall has nearly everything that you can think of! Cafes, restaurants, 9-screen multiplex cinema, a car showroom, ice rink, and a bowling alley.

We came back just in time to have a scrumptious early dinner followed by a leisurely round around the hotel’s periphery and were elated to find a surprise chocolate cake waiting for us. Who knew my belated birthday would be celebrated at one of the most palatial hotels one day?
Although we rued the fact that we had come to the end of our stay, we considered ourselves the luckiest people on the planet for having had the opportunity to have lived a fairytale for real and giving us an unforgettable experience! We came home relaxed, rejuvenated, floating on a cloud – all thanks to Skyscanner.

Smart planners, Smart solutions!

The above post is entirely a fictional account
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