Monday, 21 July 2014

Paint It Black

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“I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black.”

— Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Black is not a color. It’s a statement. 

To write about the 5 black things that I would want is not just a mere wish list.
It’s a “crave list.”

So I am going to go ahead and be unabashedly vain.

1967 Chevrolet Impala 

One of the most classic muscle cars of its time, this dreamboat (yes, dreamboat) is a four door hardtop and is an entity of its own. I daydream about driving it. Picturing me behind the wheel, the wind whispering through my hair as I drive this beauty. (Sigh)

A Black Leather Jacket

I remember ogling the black leather jacket as Miranda Kerr strutted in an advertisement for Mango. Every day on my way to work, I used to indulge in window shopping as I shot a glance at the same leather jacket propped up on the display window at their store near my place. That was the only time I was envious of the mannequin that was dressed in it.

A Black Sheer Outfit by Zuhair Murad

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, does sheer better than Zuhair Murad. This Lebanese designer who has dressed celebrities the world over and whose beautiful creations adorn models on the runway has defined style in a whole new different way, giving it a unique perspective altogether. A black sheer lace outfit spells a killer combination of sensuality and an unmatchable elegance! Me likey!

A Dell Inspiron 15 3537 Laptop 

A graphic designer should have the best of all systems, right? Hence, I would like to have this 4th Gen, 15.6 inch screen size, with the latest Windows OS for all my designing and writing needs. I can even imagine myself sitting in a coffee shop somewhere working the keys.

A Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R422B 32 inches LED TV

I wanted Michael Fassbender in a crisp black suit but I’ll settle for this one. My love for the idiot box is so deeply ingrained that it even governs my moods. On any given day, I’d love to curl on the couch in front of my TV catching up on my favorite shows and watching my favorite classic movies.

 I would also love a black vintage 1900's typewriter, or a hand-carved 18kt gold 18mm black onyx stone Garland Ring by Dunay Joaillier, or the Juda Leopard Mesh shoes by Jerome C. Rousseau or a sinewy black cat as a pet. 
The list is never ending.
But for now, the 5 dazzlers above should suffice...

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